Dad Blogger 2.0

IMG_1561 So I am taken up the title of being a dad blogger. I hope to inspire you, educate you, or at the very least entertain you as I learn what it means to do this parenting thing. As my son Emmett is 6 months old currently, I hope you will grow with me and we can learn together learning how to take this parenting thing to this next level. On the serious note, there are a number of dad blogs out there, but not nearly as many as mom blogs. I think there is a cultural shift of men not being involved in the lives of their children. According to a semi recent census bureau 1 out of ever 3 children live absent their biological father. Dad’s need to man up and take ownership of raising their kids. The last 6 months have been amazing watching Emmett grow, and it has been entertaining to say the least. I did find though that the amount of resources talking to Men about parenting is far less than women. My hope is to be a resource on parenting as experienced through my life. Being a dad is a life giving situation and I would never give it up. John